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Skype Crash issue on Ubuntu after upgrade

I have using older version of skype on my ubuntu 10.4, after upgrade skype version 4.3, it seems have a crash issue. So here is the solution , if you have similar problem.

Go to Your user directory Like /home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype/
Usually .Skype directory is hidden.
Rename it like .Skype_temp and run skype again, It will works, and another .Skype directory will be created.

Now if you like to get the old chat history, copy the files from
/home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype_temp/[Skype user account folder]/chatsync

to New .Skype Directory:

/home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype/[Skype user account folder]/chatsync

This should solve the problem.