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Enable welcome HTML mail and error fix on Expressionengine user module (by Solspace)

I have been facing problem with the solspace user module’s welcome mail template enable HTML format, when i tried input inline styling , there was an error from ee security.
as template input is filtered by ee()->security->xss_clean, which used to test images for potential XSS attacks, useful for file upload security, I don’t think this should use here, as the html template can be updated by EE admin only.

To resolve this , i have changed the line from mcp.user.base.php
‘preference_value’ => ee()->security->xss_clean($_POST[$pref]),
‘preference_value’ => $_POST[$pref]

also to enable HTML formatted email you have to change the file:
mod.user.php line near the line : 5636, add ee()->email->mailtype = “html”; after : ee()->email->initialize();

This should resolve the issue, Cheers!

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