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Replace url segment or folder with htaccess

If you like to replace a url segment or folder , you can follow :

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/?loren/lipsum/(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]
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PHP version issue when installing Craft 3 using Composer

To Ignore the PHP version warning on Craft 3 installation, need to use –ignore-platform-reqs

create-project -s RC craftcms/craft PATH --ignore-platform-reqs
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Change Domain root to specific folder

write htaccess file on current root.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !domain/
RewriteRule (.*) /folder/$1 [L]

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শহিদ আজাদ এর মা কে নিয়ে লিখা আনিসুল হক এর মা উপন্যাস

Download Maa-Anisul-hoq

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Magento 2.1.5 Assets Missing after installation

Remove everything, except .htaccess file from pub/static folder

Open up app/etc/di.xml find the path “Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Symlink” and replace to Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Copy

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Expressionengine template routes for first segment with regular expression

EE has a great tool for template routing, Developer sometimes faces problem with dynamic segment routing on first segment, then we need to use regular expression using regex. I didn’t find enough details about this on EE template routing docs. So after long hours of try, solved it.

Here is the example explained:
Club name should start with club here.

If the desired url like :


Simple but very much useful!

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Expressengine Assets file upload +no directory access in Channel form

Expressionengine Assets dont have any features to restrict file upload directory on channel form. So we use normal file input fields. But there is problem, it remove the selected file when next time the file is not updated.

So here the solution:

<img src=”{url}” alt=”” />

<input type=”hidden” name=”member_photo” value=”{file_id}” id=”cur_file_id”>

<input type=”file” name=”member_photo” id=”file_upload”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”member_photo_filedir” value=”8″>


$(“#file_upload”).change(function (){ $(‘#cur_file_id’).val(”); });

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Skype Crash issue on Ubuntu after upgrade

I have using older version of skype on my ubuntu 10.4, after upgrade skype version 4.3, it seems have a crash issue. So here is the solution , if you have similar problem.

Go to Your user directory Like /home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype/
Usually .Skype directory is hidden.
Rename it like .Skype_temp and run skype again, It will works, and another .Skype directory will be created.

Now if you like to get the old chat history, copy the files from
/home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype_temp/[Skype user account folder]/chatsync

to New .Skype Directory:

/home/[Ubuntu user folder]/.Skype/[Skype user account folder]/chatsync

This should solve the problem.



Some useful links for UI / Web designer

Website check in different Resolution including Desktop, laptop, Tablet devices:

So now you dont need to use different devices to check, Just sit back on your pc and check all here at once! I really appreciate this project.

For different browsers compatibility check, you may use some useful links:

So no worries for UI, have fun!

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Magento Canonical URL problem from outside of main category solve

In magento , if you add a product in categories multiple categories, and like to display product from outside of the categories, it will no reflect the correct url, it will create a url with the domain name + product url title,It will cause duplicate contents in google, to resolve the problem, here is the solution,My special thanks to



   if($_categories[0]==2) // here 2 is root category id




   $_categories = $_product->getCategoryIds();

   $_category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($_categories[$cat_count]); 

   $caturl=explode('.html', $_category->getUrlPath());      
   $product_url = Mage::getUrl($caturl[0]).basename($_product->getProductUrl()); 

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